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What is like to have huge natural boobs

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I can understand people being curious as to how our daily life is affected by having large boobs. I guess it’s natural to have questions about things that are different in some way. If a woman with small or medium sized breasts thinks about it then I can understand questions about clothing, buying bras to fit, dealing with the stares, back ache, doing daily chores etc… However, it is only appropriate for people who are close enough to me to ask such things and even then they should be phrased in an appropriate way and brought up at an appropriate time and place. It’s not the business of a stranger or a non-close friend. Yes, I would rather not have a bust that attracts the curiousity or interest of anyone but as I do and I guess that’s part of living with ‘the girls’. Luckily my friends and family know that it’s a very sensitive subject for me to tend not to mention anything unless I’m in the mood to bring the subject into the conversation myself.

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