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Lucky daughter

Daughter - Lucky

My girlfrriend doesn’t like the color of her hair

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Redhead girl with perky tits

Crazy, sexy, folish!

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Are you a construction worker’s girlfriend or what?

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Example how a bad hair color and horrifying makeup can ruin it all

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Mandy is ready to play! The gauntlet was thrown down “

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First we played Hide and Seek

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Tamara and her secret weapons

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Originally from Nashville but lives in Austin

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Be proud to be a country girl. If people say, “I hate the country,” don’t get flustered or upset, but be friendly and act nice, so others will have nothing to hold against you. If you find out that they are putting you down, then still try to act nice, but do NOT act rude. Personality. Country girls are bubbly, bright, strong-willing, funny, and down-to-earth people. They sure can keep one happy if their blue. Crack a funny joke every now and then! Plus country girls are all full of fun and they love goofing around, especially if they’re sand, water and a sunset with a few beach chairs. If there’s something that you’ve never done before, take a chance and don’t close your mind! Be daring! But don’t be too bold…act a tad shy and respectful, especially to adults.

She is simply disgusting but her boobs are just fine

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This lazy Saturday…

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Girl in bed with stuffed animal

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Someone who sleeps with a stuff animal feels like they have someone there at night with them, plus stuffed animals can be fuzzy, which makes it comfortable to sleep with a stuffed animal

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Good morning Sandy!

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