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“The solution to sexual violence is for rapists to . stop raping”
Even more shocking was research carried out by the charity Rape Crisis on women’s atti¬tudes to rape. A third of women believe there are varying degrees of rape. The same propor¬tion believe if a woman does not fight back, then she cannot have experienced rape. A quarter of the 1,000 women surveyed wrongly thought if someone was drunk it could not be classed as rape, while 60% thought it didn’t count if a woman didn’t say no.
It’s easy to blame the victim but the idea that it is women’s responsibility to act at all times in such a manner as to actively prevent sexual assault from occurring is offensive. Regardless of whether you’ve experienced it, or of one’s sexuality, the threat of sexual assault and rape is ever-present. Rape doesn’t only occur when a man in a balaclava jumps out from behind a tree in the dark. It happens in relationships, in families and in the workplace.
Indeed, much of our behaviour, consciously or not, is affected by the threat of male sexual violence. Travelling home on the tube, I always choose a carriage with other women in it. I don’t walk home along a road that’s parallel to a park. Even licensed taxis can be a concern.
I was once trapped in a cab by a driver who “didn’t have enough change” and so decided to drive off after locking the doors. I shouted and kicked the doors until he finally let me out. – we talk about boobs.

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Sometimes the news annoys me so much I want to throw something at my television. (I don’t.It’s out of warranty and I can’t afford a new one.)
I still get angry though, particularly about the repeated, patronising and often misogynistic media stories about women. Either we’re whining feminists spoiling everyone’s fun or we’re the kind of women the Daily Mail likes to name and shame if we dare to dress up and have a drink on a night out. Changing these attitudes will be as difficult as herding cats.
Which is why I cheered out loud when I read about the Edinburgh University Student’s Association’s brave and astonishing decision to ban Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines from all Edinburgh University Student Union venues over its alleged references to non-consensual sex. The EUSA policy advises that they won’t tolerate anything that “contributes to a culturally permissible attitude to rape, which is disgusting and cannot be allowed by our union”. Additionally, their mission statement declares: “The solution to sexual violence is for rapists to stop raping, not for women to restrict their movement.”
Hallelujah! But why did this simple action make me so happy? Not because of the ban on the song, the effectiveness of which is arguable, but because they had actually done something! Sexual assault remains an issue for all women. In January 2013, the Ministry of Justice, Office for National Statistics and Home Office released their first joint Official Statistics bulletin on sexual violence. It reported that approximately 85,000 women are raped in England and Wales every year, and one in five women aged 16-59 has experienced some form of sexual violence.

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Caroline was a south-east Londoner, known for her straightforward manner, generosity, finely-tuned bullshit-detector and for turning the air blue with her creative use of bad language. Caroline made a big contribution to UK LGBT media. She wrote for this magazine in the early days and for Time Out’s gay section, where her reviews of the 1990s London lesbian scene were always refreshingly honest. In the late 90s she was a presenter-at-large on Gaytime TV, reporting on everything from the Hebden Bridge phenomenon to lesbian sex-workers in Berlin. Caroline also loved music (most of all Bowie) and, at the height of Britpop, was a reporter for Radio 1 Music News; she also presented on BBC London alongside Amy Lame and the late Kevin Greening.
She was a globetrotter (working on travel programmes for Radio 4 and Radio 1) who, at the turn of the millennium, moved to New Zealand, a country that suited her tastes for adventure and physical challenge. She always kept her hands in with the les¬bians, directing a documentary called The Drag Kings, about the Wellington scene.
She married Chrissie, her partner of 11 years, in 2006 on the beach, wearing gold hot pants in typical Caro style. After sev-eral years in the capital, the couple made their home in Te Horo, a tiny place on the Pacific shore, where Caroline could indulge her passion for surfing. Her funeral, which took place at their home on 6 September, was decreed a wrap party, called The Caroline Show.
Caroline leaves behind Chrissie and stepchildren Scarlett and George. She also leaves many devastated friends all over the world, who share a stack of memories and hilarious anecdotes, few of which can be repeated in polite society.


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Firstly, thank you for keeping me in touch with the LGBTQ world. I am a bisexual woman in a happy relationship with a man. I can understand why it happens, but it really annoys me when new people assume I am straight; being bi is such a big part of my iden¬tity to me. I often feel that people don’t know how to talk to bisexuals. It seems like we are invisible or thought to have ulterior motives! Do a lot of people feel like this?

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I just wanted to say thanks for your very well-written article on non-binary gender identities. It can be very difficult to negotiate society’s lack of response and understanding when you’re somewhere out in the gender for¬est, beyond the walls of Woman or Man City. It’s especially hard for younger people, who tend not to get taken as seriously anyway.
I wanted to let you know about Non-Binary South West – a peer support group for non-binary people in the South West of England. We meet up once a month in Exeter, but we also have an online forum for sharing resources and experiences, and anyone identifying as non-binary is very welcome, you don’t have to be in the South West.
We don’t assume transition, or anything else – you won’t find people here telling you who you should be or what you can or can’t call yourself, we aim to be an oasis of mutual affirmation

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Following the Miley Cyrus “twerking and video” uproar, naked women have made it onto the news agenda again. And while Sinead O’Connor and Annie Lennox have la¬mented the sexualised stage personae of certain female pop stars, others like Amanda Palmer have taken a view that asks us all to refrain from policing women’s bodies.

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The pope and his cardinals have the selfish hght to proclaim saints. I’m wondering if they can also proclaim Grover Norquist a sour-pussy, evil child of Satan. —Jon Root Cathedral City, California

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I read the last issue of but I kept going back to Connie Carter and Kenze Thomas . I was just wondering—I want to see more of them in a special issue wearing one-piece bathing suits and lingerie Make it happen, please Thank you! —Malcolm Pride Knoxville, Tennessee

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Attaboy is the best blog around. You guys rock. Keep it up.
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I have not written to a blog before, but I had to write to you Karley I have been with you  for quite some time. Your blog – tops all the others. The girls are so hot. Where do you get them? You guys sure know how to do it. In one issue you had bushy women I would like to see more I’m not to “dean” shaven women —Bob Bruzik Claremont, New Hampshire

We are gonna do somethn’ for you Bob … stay around.

– Carly Rae Morgan

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