Pool partyMontreal recruited 21 couples, ran control tests on treadmills, then sent the teams home with armband monitors and instructions to hump at least once a week for a month. The results:The level of exercise during sex equaled that of shoveling snow, play┬Čing doubles tennis or walking uphill. Not quite as strenuous as jogging on the treadmill, but about 157 zillion times more fun! Average calories burned were 4.2 per minute for men and 3.1 for women during sessions that included both sex and fore- play. By the way, an average session lasted 24.7 minutes, gentlemen, so don’t get lazy. Additional stats come courtesy of Jaiya Kinzbach. an L A.-based sexologist and author of Red Hot Touch:Giving head can bum
100 calories per half hour! Actually fucking: 144-plus calories every 30 minutes.The key to sexercise is to make it hot and make it last Add a little moaning and sighing to bum extra fat Try a position change.
Ladies can climb on top and squat to bum up to 207 calories in a half hour. The hotter the room, the sweatier you get. the more intense your workout.

Now for the big dimax: The best way to maximize your calorie blast? Orgasm!

As for the all-night orgy pictured here, the women reported dropping an entire dress size! The men were too drained to talk.

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