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I would say that just about all of us who have large breasts have had our boobs as the center of discussion with family and friends every once in a while. I sure have had my share of questions and comments thrown my way over the years. Sometimes it may be just simple comments meant as a loving tease by friends. “Here comes Kim and the twins.” That was a common friendly comment directed towards me by some of my close friends who know which types of comments I’m comfortable with and which types can upset me. At other times I can really sense when women are seriously interested in knowing how a woman with breasts this large lives her daily life. Typical questions are: What size bra do you wear? Is it difficult finding tops that fit? Did you always have such large boobs? Are they real? Do you mind when people stare at your chest? Why don’t you go for a reduction so that you could be more normal? That one upsets me because I am just as normal as any other woman. Most women don’t really know how to approach me but I can tell when they either want to ask a question or make a comment about my busty appearance. Since most of the women in my family have somewhat large breasts themselves, I don’t get a lot of comments or questions from them, although we do discuss our boobs for health related concerns or clothing fashions for large breasted women.

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