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The best thing I’ve figured out is to just let things get really awful and wait for the joke. There’s always a joke lurking in the darkest shit. That’s how we forgive ourselves. Steve Almond

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Americans love to be lied to?

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Americans love to be lied to; otherwise I Edward Snowden would be a wildly popular national hero. Same for Bradley Manning, Glenn Greenwald, Julian Assange and others who risk their freedom to inform us about the myriad ways we are continually deceived by our government These whistleblowers are performing a public service. They’re democracy’s lifeblood, nourishing the essential ingredient that our proclaimed form of governance requires: an informed public. If we are ignorant, our votes mean nothing.
In exposing lies and government misdeeds, the whistleblowers revealed that our leaders are not always virtuous. Snowden has been accused of espionage because he exposed the vast spying network that our own government conducts against us. How can it be that a truth teller who seeks to protect our rights is judged the criminal, not the government officials who brazenly subvert the Constitution?
Our government lies to us frequently and conceals that fact by classifying as “top secret” any and all embarrassing information. However, those so-called secrets are routinely leaked to the news media whenever it serves the purpose of the White House, an agency or one of its officials. Anonymous sourcing of stories attributing information to those not cleared to reveal what they are telling is the norm. During my years working as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, anonymous sources babbled about the most sensitive subjects of national security or anything else they wanted publicized.
An example I cite often was a personal experience in 1985. After exiting a plane in San Jose, California, I ran into Edward Teller, the famed physicist and “father of the H-bomb,” whom I had interviewed several times. Teller was then adviser to President Reagan on his pet Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), dubbed “Star Wars,” and I was on my way to Stanford University to participate in an arms-control seminar.
Teller was very eager to tell me about the great results of a top-secret test—code-named Cottage—involving the nuclear-driven X-ray laser that was at the heart of SDI. If Teller’s claim were true, this would be the most impor¬tant development in the U.S.-Soviet arms race implementing a defense system that would zap any incoming nuclear warhead as it traveled through space

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A porn star loves humming? There’s a surprise. I resist the easy pun and ask Tanya if she listens exclusively to show tunes. ‘I’m primarily an old-fashioned girl,” she confides. (Another adventuress in the bedroom only.) “I like a lot of stuff from the ’80s and Cream, Eurythmics, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin. When I go on a road trip, that’s all I listen to.” “Any contemporary music on your iPod at all?” I wonder. “Some electronic music for my workouts,” Tanya replies. “And Sade’s ‘No Ordinary Love.’ Whenever I hear it, I want to make love. Any guy I’m with when that’s playing can generally get lucky.”
“I should have been a 70s teenager,” declares porn diva . “Most of my iPod is filled with classic Motown: Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, the Four Tops, Gladys Knight. I love ’em all.”

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