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Can I loose weight without loosing my big boobs?

Boob size on diet

Breasts are mostly fat, so it’s pretty much inevitable that you will lose some of it when lowering overall body fat. You should find a balance you’re happy with between overall body fat and cup size.

A way to make your breasts seem bigger is to increase muscle mass in your chest. This is done via exercises like the bench press. They should be performed as part of a workout routine that hits all muscle groups with compound movements (squats, deadlift, row, bench press, overhead press, pullups and possibly some Olympic lifts) and possibly some isolation for weak points (i.e. some dips for your chest). For further information on that, read some of the sticky threads in this forum. The rest is nutrition (read the sticky threads in the nutrition forum).

Stay away from excessive ab workouts and cardio like most women tend to do for some reason.

Good luck!

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