Love, sea and sun in Italy (2 pics)

Beautiful Italian Bella

I wish it had been me knocking on his door that fateful morning in early May. Or better yet me and “Big Lou.” Swiping the electronic master key into the slot on the door, calling out “Housekeeping” before entering, walking in with the vacuum cleaner in one hand and a spray bottle of disinfectant in the other.
How priceless it would have been to employ my own shock doctrine. To gloat as the fear registered on the face of the “rutting chimpanzee” as he came rampaging out of the toilet. The look of a lifetime of arrogance and privilege instantly replaced with confusion and pain as a quick blast of sodium hydroxide scalded to red the gray jellied sack that swung loosely between his legs. How I would have been the one laughing like a little girl as “Big Lou” closed in for the kill and kicked his hands away from his crotch, his legs out from under him and blew the asshole a kiss as he crashed to the floor panicking. His screams drowned out by the vacuum cleaner as it slurped up his shriveled pinkie, giving him the blowjob of his life.

Vanessa – Prague, Czech Republic, age 19, hight 5-6 (2 pics)

Girl from Prague


Beautiful You began with my vague memory of finding some pornographic paperback books in my father’s closet. I was six or seven and could hardly read. They had titles like Hot Cowgirl Slut Ranch. None of what I read in them made sense, but neither did the soft-focus romance novels my mother read. The challenge in Beautiful You was to write an action-packed “gonzo erotica” book, but using the overblown language of bodice-ripper romances. It’s a book I could only write with both my parents dead.

Perfect Sunny beach boobs

Sunny beach boobs

“I’m open to it,” she tells me. “As long as it’s not some muscle-bound, tattooed guy who thinks I’m a hard-partying, badass chick.”
“But you are a badass chick,” I almost say. Christy is not easily figured out, however. So for the second time that afternoon I ask her to explain herself.
“I know I look badass, but that’s not me,” she says. “I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs or like to party. And at work I deal with extremes— pumped-up guys with lots of tattoos. In my personal life I’d like someone nondescript—a quiet, average guy.”

Vintage beach nudity (2 pics)

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