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Sacred Cows
The pope and his cardinals have the selfish hght to proclaim saints. I’m wondering if they can also proclaim Grover Norquist a sour-pussy, evil child of Satan. —Jon Root Cathedral City, California

La carWhere do we get our eye-catching ladies? Everywhere!

La car

Connie Carter hails from the Czech Republic

Suicide girl for you

Girl in Kitchen

Is Kenze Thomas any better than this?


Nude Prude?
I read the last issue of Boobslovin.com but I kept going back to Connie Carter and Kenze Thomas . I was just wondering—I want to see more of them in a special issue wearing one-piece bathing suits and lingerie Make it happen, please Thank you! —Malcolm Pride Knoxville, Tennessee

Eva on boobslovin.com

Eva loves naked Fridays

Boobslovin.com is the best blog around. You guys rock. Keep it up.
—Timothy Kane
Elmira, New York

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I have not written to a blog before, but I had to write to you Karley I have been with you  for quite some time. Your blog – boobslovin.com tops all the others. The girls are so hot. Where do you get them? You guys sure know how to do it. In one issue you had bushy women I would like to see more I’m not to “dean” shaven women —Bob Bruzik Claremont, New Hampshire

We are gonna do somethn’ for you Bob … stay around.

– Carly Rae Morgan

Quebec University research on sex and callories (2pics)

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Get ready for the best news ever! Can’t stand working out? Running too boring? Just start fucking instead! Turns out it’s great exercise. Here’s the science to prove it: Researchers from the University of Quebec .


Pool party

Montreal recruited 21 couples, ran control tests on treadmills, then sent the teams home with armband monitors and instructions to hump at least once a week for a month. The results:The level of exercise during sex equaled that of shoveling snow, play¬ing doubles tennis or walking uphill. Not quite as strenuous as jogging on the treadmill, but about 157 zillion times more fun! Average calories burned were 4.2 per minute for men and 3.1 for women during sessions that included both sex and fore- play. By the way, an average session lasted 24.7 minutes, gentlemen, so don’t get lazy. Additional stats come courtesy of Jaiya Kinzbach. an L A.-based sexologist and author of Red Hot Touch:Giving head can bum
100 calories per half hour! Actually fucking: 144-plus calories every 30 minutes.The key to sexercise is to make it hot and make it last Add a little moaning and sighing to bum extra fat Try a position change.
Ladies can climb on top and squat to bum up to 207 calories in a half hour. The hotter the room, the sweatier you get. the more intense your workout.

Now for the big dimax: The best way to maximize your calorie blast? Orgasm!

As for the all-night orgy pictured here, the women reported dropping an entire dress size! The men were too drained to talk.

When alone in the kitchen

Alaska kitchen scene

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Naked, in-your-face protests—what better way to fight for our fourlegged friends? Sixty million animals are sacrificed to the fur trade every year. Some are left alive to die after the pelts have been tom from their bodies. In Spain, where this bloody spectade took place. 400,000 mink are bred in captivity annually. Bom in April, they die in November, alive for six months locked in cages. To make a single chinchilla wrap, 300 animals are killed A leopard- skin coat murders six magnificent cats. As Ajda Gascon, director of AnimaNaturalis, explains. “These days there is no need to rip the skins off these animals to make garments when there are so many more ethical products available.” To learn more, go to AnimaNaturalis.org. And for the only Beaver Hunt we endorse, go to page 98.

The biggest in the USA

The biggest tits in the USA

Britney Spears look alike at South Beach

Britney Spears look alike on the beach in Miami - South Beach

Her favorite brand is American Eagle

Melinda from Florida is 21 years old with blonde hair and loves American Eagle

Even if you don’t!

tree girl


Be the one to start a conversation (2pics)

One hour with the princess of Persia.

Princess big boobs

You just can’t get enough of that!

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“Education Mayor”

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During my 50 years at The Village Voice, I wrote about Wilson Reyes and other kids taken into police custody for minor infractions. In a more civilized era of American schooling they would have merely been scolded by their teacher or perhaps sent to the principal’s office.
New York State law prohibits children under 16 from being arrested for minor, noncriminal violations Ike loitering. But until deciding not to seek a fourth term, Michael Bloomberg—New York City’s self-anomted “Education Mayor”— and former Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly fostered the policy of booking “problem’ students at the nearest precinct house.
Human rights advocate John W. Whitehead.
head of The Rutherford Institute, has continuaBy documented the extent of over-policing. He believes that America’s schools have been transformed into “authoritarian instruments of compliance” and cites a litany of glaring examples: “A 14-year-old student arrested for text- ing in class. Three middle-school-aged boys in Florida thrown to the ground by police officers wielding rifles, who then arrested them for goofing off on the roof of the school…Two six-year-old students in Maryland suspended for using their fingers as imaginary guns in a schoolyard game of cops-and-robbers A 12-year-old New York student hauled out of school in handcuffs for doodling on her desk with an erasable marker.”
-Nat Hentoff – a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and Jazz Foundation of America board member, is a historian of the Constitution, syndicated columnist and jazz critic.


heavy bags

The National Security Agency’s voracious surveilance of Americans shows what the federal government thinks of privacy. But local law-enforcement agencies and school admin¬istrators nationwide are also destroying We the People’s Constitutional rights with impunity.
In his TomDispatch.com blog “The Over- Policing of America,” lawyer Chase Madar details how oppressive our country has become: “There is the proliferation of heavily armed SWAT teams, even in small towns; the use of shock-and-awe tactics to bust smalltime bookies; the no-knock raids to recover trace amount of drugs that often result in the killing of family dogs, if not family members. But American over-policing involves far more than the widely reported up-armoring of your local precinct It’s also the way police power has entered the DNA of social policy, turning just about every sphere of American life into a police matter.”
Madar continues with the transmogrification of America into a dictatorship like the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin: “It starts in our schools, where discipline is increasingly outsourced to police personnel. What not long ago would have been seen as normal childhood misbehavior—doodling on a desk, farting in class, a kindergartener’s tantrum—can leave a kid in handcuffs, removed from school or even booked at the local precinct. Such ’criminals’ can be as young as seven -year-old Wilson Reyes, a New Yorker who was handcuffed and interrogated under suspicion of stealing five dollars from a classmate. (Turned out he didn’t do it.)”

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