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Just live your life!

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Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have

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So my boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years now, and he seems to think that it’s ok to spend more time with his buddies than with me. Seems like he will literally spend 18 hours straight drinking with the friends whereas we only get to see each other like 2 hours a day maybe less sometimes. And when we have the chance to be together he would rather go be with the guys. He says that all relationships that have been together for a longtime are like that, I was just curious how many others are like that and if it is normal. I hate the fact that I never come first, he won’t even make plans with me for the weekend ‘cuz he drinks every weekend. I try telling him all the time but he doesn’t seem to care he says that’s me…. and that the issues i have with it r my own issues not our issues.

How to increase your confidence

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One of the top ways to increase confidence and self-esteem is exercise! Do you have an exercise routine yet? Doing even just 15 minutes a day should improve your mood greatly, and if you feel good in general, it definitely boosts your self-esteem 😉 Maybe do a little dancing (belly dancing for example!). There are free belly dancing videos on YouTube if you wanted to get an idea of what it entails. Some of the dance moves are a little silly, but some of them make you feel sexy and confident!

Additional tips I would recommend are to use positive affirmations. Create a manta perhaps where you tell yourself every day how wonderful and beautiful you are (look in the mirror while doing so). Switch it up every now and then–once you feel confident in what you are saying. I know you may not “believe” what you tell yourself at first, but keep doing it until you truly feel like the words you use toward yourself. Sometimes the most powerful voice for changing our mindsets is our own! If you have any goals, then tell yourself you can do them, and give yourself time-frames to achieve them. Be realistic and never be hard on yourself if it takes you a bit longer than expected; you’re only human!

Another very important tip for boosting your self-esteem is to remove negative people and situations from your life. If you have negativity in your life, then it can slowly eat away at your confidence over time. For example (I am not saying this applies to you), if you have someone complaining about everything you do, then how could you possibly feel as wonderful about yourself as you should? The environment you are in and those you surround yourself with can have a great impact on your self-esteem, so perhaps do a little “spring cleaning”, so to speak.

If YOU are one of the negative people in your life and saying negative thoughts to yourself, then using the positive affirmations on top of changing all negative thoughts to positive ones will help. Write down everything negative you say to yourself throughout the day, and write a positive way to word it instead; something constructive! Then when you catch yourself thinking/saying negative things about yourself, try to switch them to positive thoughts right then and there. Eventually it will become natural for you to do so, but I will admit that it will be a bit challenging in the beginning!

Wicked partners, could never figure out …

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Morning All,

I have currently been with my partner 2 and half years. The other week (whilst he was drunk), he asked me to stick my finger up his bum whilst having sex. This is the first time this happened to me but it has got me slightly worried. I am all up for it don’t get me wrong but about 6months ago he told me to look at something on his phone and seen that he had searched “cottaging”. I looked at the website after and seen that it was a website where guys meet up for sex. I confronted him and he said that he had gone on it because his friend had been looking at the website on his laptop (which he was borrowing). He totally lost it when I asked asif he had something to hide. I don’t know what to do? He’s not the type that likes confrontation and gets angry when I ask him things.

Can anyone give me some advice??

Much appreciated.

Sexy underware in bed!

sexy underware in bed

Men are pretty visual creatures, so I would think that a majority of them enjoy a woman wearing sexy underwear, but I doubt it’s necessary for them to feel desire toward a woman. I’m sure being naked works just as well, but sometimes wearing the sexy underwear can be a bit of a teaser and add more intrigue when they use their imagination to think of what’s waiting for them underneath.

For me, I like wearing boy-shorts because I like how it makes my butt look! lol I’m playful and like to tease a bit, and I feel that they are the perfect panties for that. It shows a little, but not too much, and my guy likes them as well.

Bed and breakfast!

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