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You see a piece of the Ural Meteor here!

Piece of the Ural Meteor

Witnesses describe objects that look like burning rocks racing across the sky for hundreds of kilometers, leaving a long, white vapor trail in their wake. The sonic boom and shock that followed early Friday shattered windows and set off car alarms.

Russia’s Emergencies Ministry said the meteor exploded over the sparsely populated region east of the Ural Mountains.

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Peter Paul Reubins was a painter of the Baroque period, characterized as a post-renaissance intellectual birthing within all the arts after awareness of things like perspective and composition gained their initial ground. Baroque compositions in the visual arts integrated fantasy and reality, and often used spirals as the basis of a composition.

Peter Paul Reubins had a team of painters that could turn out commissions in record time. One of his most noted commissions was the life of Marie de Medecis, 22 paintings that were 10′ x 15′ each, all completed before she died. The Louvre Museum in Paris houses this collection and had to build a room just for it. This series demonstrates many of the Baroque qualities of oil painting- spiral-oriented composition, large fleshy women (reubinesque) and creatures of fancy like mermaids and cherubs.

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