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A friend of mine showed me her new navel piercing yesterday. She is almost 28 and I honestly have no clue why she did it since according to my observations this is something usually done in the late teen age but anyway she got it.

The author of ‘The Stomach and BellyButton page’ once commented,”Some people could go as far to call it a fetish,but I think of it more as an admiration”.Writer Deirdre Day commented,”The signatory knot that ties up nothing and goes nowhere holds more erotic charms for some than conventional attractions. Neither procreative nor nutritive, perhaps it is the navel’s lack of obvious purpose, combined with its audacious, almost arrogant, spot right there in the middle of things, that sucks its admirers in. Belly button aficionados the world over categorise, analyse, and collect images of their sacred objects and the true belly believer could recognise Cindy, Cameron, or Kate as easily by their navels as by their faces.”

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My Asian Roomie

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Used to have a roommate from Hong Kong! Really nice girl, very gentle but used to have a severe hair fall … It was just pissing me off when she used the bathroom and leave a bag of hair behind! It’s black and thick …you know Asian hair. Have to check in Google if thats part of their culture not to shave and such …

Sprin water is good for the skin!

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Surround yourself with smiling people!

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Here Nikky says: Why don’t you hug me, I’m cold!

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Vacation in Manila! Wish you were there.

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Relaxing Sunday with loving girlfriend in the bath tub

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