Tiff’s Adventurous Summer day

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Hiking and Bras
One wonderful Summer day my husband took me to Yosemite, CA. On our first scenic hike to see some falls, I complained, I wasn’t wearing the right walking bra and wanted to go back to the cabin. My husband grabbed my camera case and took the carrying straps off the camera and the case. He told me that he was making a support strap for me and I said yeah right???? “This is the guy the I married, “To Have And To Hold.”
Well after 5 minutes, I gave him a kiss and I married the right guy! The hike was great. The camera straps saved the day and I was happy! A year later I got into the bra business. So now, I’m swimming in bras and so is he. I think we will be ok going back to Yosemite again.

Mandy in the pool

Pool girl breasts

I have a female colleague who keeps staring at my breasts while she talks to me. The strange thing is that this (60-ish, married) woman has much bigger breasts than mine. (She is about my height but is about 100 lb overweight. ) She told me that she was busty when she was younger and slimmer, and that guys spoke to her chest. I can understand a small chested woman being fascinated by another woman’s larger breasts, but I just can’t figure this one out. She is a loud, obnoxious woman and I don’t want to bring up this issue with her as she has never said anything about my chest. I think that it’s a little easier to deal with a situation when a woman openly talks about your breasts than when she stares w/o saying anything. In the latter case she could turn it around, deny staring and accuse me of being delusional(?).

What is like to have huge natural boobs

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I can understand people being curious as to how our daily life is affected by having large boobs. I guess it’s natural to have questions about things that are different in some way. If a woman with small or medium sized breasts thinks about it then I can understand questions about clothing, buying bras to fit, dealing with the stares, back ache, doing daily chores etc… However, it is only appropriate for people who are close enough to me to ask such things and even then they should be phrased in an appropriate way and brought up at an appropriate time and place. It’s not the business of a stranger or a non-close friend. Yes, I would rather not have a bust that attracts the curiousity or interest of anyone but as I do and I guess that’s part of living with ‘the girls’. Luckily my friends and family know that it’s a very sensitive subject for me to tend not to mention anything unless I’m in the mood to bring the subject into the conversation myself.

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Watching me watching you!

Here comes Kim and the twins

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I would say that just about all of us who have large breasts have had our boobs as the center of discussion with family and friends every once in a while. I sure have had my share of questions and comments thrown my way over the years. Sometimes it may be just simple comments meant as a loving tease by friends. “Here comes Kim and the twins.” That was a common friendly comment directed towards me by some of my close friends who know which types of comments I’m comfortable with and which types can upset me. At other times I can really sense when women are seriously interested in knowing how a woman with breasts this large lives her daily life. Typical questions are: What size bra do you wear? Is it difficult finding tops that fit? Did you always have such large boobs? Are they real? Do you mind when people stare at your chest? Why don’t you go for a reduction so that you could be more normal? That one upsets me because I am just as normal as any other woman. Most women don’t really know how to approach me but I can tell when they either want to ask a question or make a comment about my busty appearance. Since most of the women in my family have somewhat large breasts themselves, I don’t get a lot of comments or questions from them, although we do discuss our boobs for health related concerns or clothing fashions for large breasted women.

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A story of a busty girlfriend on a boat trip

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Hi guys,

I’ve mentioned a few times that this summer Ben ( my bf) and I have been invited to enjoy a day on the lake with his friend that has a boat. Actually, it’s one of his bosses “Don” and this man shares ownership of the boat with his partner, “Marco.”  Since we were coming from different parts of town and I had agreed to pick u p some snacks, Ben and I agreed that we would simply meet the dock. After I park and unload he comes from the boat , he meets me to give a hand and as we’re walking toward the dock, he says, “Get ready, you’ve got major competitionion. You’re not going to believe the girlfriend.” I’m thinking “What does that mean?” It doesn’t take long to find out.

Once aboard, I’m introduced to the other couples and to Marco who pays me some way-over-the top compliment about being ‘gorgeous’ and then up from the galley comes The Girlfriend. This Bobbie is a blond of medium height, mid-30’s, who immediately says to me “I’ve heard so much about you!” Very out-going and apparently accustomed to be the center of attention. And it’s not difficult to see why. On these boat trips with both friends and strangers, I take great care not to show much skin. Yes, it’s summer but I can still cover up my bust with loose-fitting tops, linen shirts or other layers. No, I can’t hide it all but I go on these outings to enjoy time with friends, not put on a show. Bobbie has no such concerns. She is absolutely poured into a onre-piece bathing suit, a low-cut number that reveals what has to be the biggest pair of breasts I’ve ever seen in my life. (On someone of proportional height and weight; this is no BBW.) I mean I thought I was top-heavy but this woman gives new meaning to the phrase Over-Developed. And she’s completely without any sense of modesty… her “outfit,” what little of it there is, does nothing to tone down or camouflage her chest – it’s right there, allowing men and women to just gape at her endowment. Now frankly, I don’t know exactly what to think. I guess at first I’m somewhat offended… after all, there’s a certain sense of class that seems to be completely absent with this woman. Not that Marco cares, he’s obviously delighted to show her off, “Whatdaya think, Cindy? This is quite the gal, huh?” Well, that’s putting it mildly. On the other hand, Bobbie is just as natural as can be. Friendly, outgoing and a great laugh. She doesn’t seem to be TRYING to show off…. it’s as though she just can’t help it so she doesn’t even worry about what she’s putting on display. Anyway, the cruise around the lake is fun and enjoyable but me and the boyfriend can’t help but notice that everyone – men and women – are constantly sneaking looks at Bobbie’s enormous cleavage.
Ben and I talked about the experience on the way home. Marco is a little loud (that’s what a big personality and a big wallet will do to some people) and so he and Bobbie seem like a perfect match. I did mention that since this was a gathering of people from his business that perhaps Bobbie could have toned it down to a more professional level, both we both agreed that some people are just less concerned about what’s “proper” and who knows – maybe that’s a good thing.

When those two beauties started to grow ?

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I was in a bra by my 12th birthday but my nipples and areolas were changing shape and the sensitivity in them had increased greatly way before I was 12. The question of “When did they start to grow?” can be interpreted as “When did you first notice a change to size or shape of your chest?” or “When did you first notice and odd feeling or sensitivity change in that part of your body which would indicate your breasts development had started?” This survey could be seen from two different perspectives.

Can I loose weight without loosing my big boobs?

Boob size on diet

Breasts are mostly fat, so it’s pretty much inevitable that you will lose some of it when lowering overall body fat. You should find a balance you’re happy with between overall body fat and cup size.

A way to make your breasts seem bigger is to increase muscle mass in your chest. This is done via exercises like the bench press. They should be performed as part of a workout routine that hits all muscle groups with compound movements (squats, deadlift, row, bench press, overhead press, pullups and possibly some Olympic lifts) and possibly some isolation for weak points (i.e. some dips for your chest). For further information on that, read some of the sticky threads in this forum. The rest is nutrition (read the sticky threads in the nutrition forum).

Stay away from excessive ab workouts and cardio like most women tend to do for some reason.

Good luck!

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Tell me how you feel!

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Ivona – Czech masterpiece

Busty Ivona

A girl you can trust in! You can count on her.

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Her milkshake brings all the boys in the yard!

Hidden cam sister shower

My psychiatris has two wonderful boobs that cure everything!

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Busty Asian girls are always welcome!

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