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Redheads might have more fun but it seems there is an overabundance of them.

That is if one goes by the view of the world’s largest sperm bank, Cryos International, in Denmark.

It has announced that it is turning away red-haired donors because there is a lack of demand for their “product”.

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I know I should love my body but i atleast want to have something on my breast. I am 19 and i am complently flat. I want to feel like a woman andIi want them to grow at least 1-2 cups more. is there any way i can do this without surgery? and please dont tell me that i should be happy with my body but the truth is Im not.

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“I think girls that have large areolas are criminally minded, cosmic witches sent from outer space to rid the planet earth of puppies and claim this place for their evil leader, Zxuun. Aside from that I think that either by nature or media (maybe that’s one in the same these days) symmetry is king. A tit that is 90% areola is, on the whole, not as immediately hot (to the masses) as one that is, what?… 20% or 30%. That’s the breaks.” – Some jerk on the web

A well-mannered and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior.

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I think grace should come from within. it shouldn’t be enforced. it involves purity of thought and mind. Grace makes the woman! Grace alone holds true beauty for every age. it is simply the expression of a pure spirit.

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