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Wow, I’m still in shock as I’m writing this. I never could understand why my grand-daughter seemed so special, not until I read about Crystal Children. This fits Amaya 100%. She was born in 1989. She is a late talker; yes she has been through the First Steps program and now attends speech class once a week. She has the most beautiful clear eyes that most people have ever seen. She is very loving, loves to hug and cuddle. Sugar oh my sets her off like a bomb, now I understand why. She loves the outdoors and the stars. Her love of animals is like none I have ever seen before. She loves music, singing and dancing. I had surgery on November 10 of this year. Amaya would come into the bathroom, sit down by the tub talk to me and wash my right arm over and over. I thought at the time she was just being a normal four year old wanting to take care of her grandma. Now I know she was trying to take the pain and fear that she could see grandma was having away. She loves to draw and paint, her aunt and uncle bought her an art table. She has a friend who is a spirit in our house that’s name is Abby, she talks and plays with her. Amaya also talks to her cousin who passed away in 2008 he also lives here. We found out a lot last night about him. He is happy here and doesn’t want to cross over.  How we found out is because we had a Clairvoyant come in. Amaya and her baby sister were at a sleep over at their great-grandparents, but the Clairvoyant will be coming back this week to talk to Amaya. People have tried to tell us that she has Autism or Asperger’s, but all her tests came back normal nothing wrong with her. Now I understand why she only eats certain things. Oh and she loves to explore and take walks with her grandpa and our dog Shadow. This is so great I would love to wake my family up and tell them, but at 3:11 am I don’t think that would be a great thing to do.

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