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It’s in your eyes, I can tell what you are thinking, I am thinking same thing too.

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As Hurricane Sandy churned inland as a downgraded storm, residents up and down the battered mid-Atlantic region woke on Tuesday to lingering waters, darkened homes and the daunting task of cleaning up from once-in-a-generation storm surges and their devastating effects.

Unlike the synonymous hurricane, our Sandy is far more sweet and gentle.

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I always thought that only mixed race black girls had the potential to be hot. That was until I found out about Ethiopians.

I here Whitney Houston is an Ethiopian black. She used to be quite hot when she was younger. I thought she was mixed with something, but now I know that she belongs to the superhot Ethiopian race.

Ethiopians have opened my eyes about the potential beauty of pure black people. Besides Ethiopians, are there any other kinds of hot pure black people that I should know about.

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I stopped breastfeeding 13 months ago and shortly after I stopped producing milk… so I thought. Recently I have noticed that my breasts still lactate, not as much as they did when I breast fed, but enough to make my shirt wet.. Has this happened to anyone else?

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The results of the Finnish Student Survey reveal how students perceive organizations as employers in Finland. The research functions as a basis for decision-making when choosing target groups, messages and channels for future employer branding campaigns, and as a control instrument for measuring the appeal an organization has over its specific target groups.

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“Stripped of your ordinary surroundings, your friends, your daily routines, your refrigerator full of food, your closet full of clothes — with all this taken away, you are forced into direct experience. Such direct experience inevitably makes you aware of who it is that is having the experience. That’s not always comfortable, but it is always invigorating.” – Michael Chrichton

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Stereotypes are everywhere. Whether it’s your height, weight, or hair color, people will assume that your physical characteristics determine who you are. Blondes are dumb, short people are funny, and fat people are insecure. What types of stereotypes are based on your eye color?

Eyes are the window to the soul. Shape and size are factors into how others perceive your eyes, but the first thing people notice about your eyes is their color. Eye colors are classifies into just a few groups: brown, blue, green, and hazel. No two people have the exact same eye color but no matter which eye color group you fit into, your eye color says a lot about you.

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