Ebony stewardess shows her big breasts

Airport staff


Some people work so hard that the only way to let go is do crazy stuff! I think it’s cute … and would gladly have her for my colleague 😉

Soft lips and big tits


I feel like a sucker now!

We have to mention that the  sucking reflex is common to all mammals and is present at birth. It is linked with the rooting reflex and breastfeeding, and causes the child (and not only) to instinctively suck at anything that touches the roof of their mouth and suddenly starts to suck simulating the way they naturally eat. There are two stages to the action:

  1. Expression: activated when the nipple is placed between a child’s lips and touches their palate. They will instinctively press it between their tongue and palate to draw out the milk.
  2. Milking: The tongue moves from areola to nipple, coaxing milk from the mother to be swallowed by the child.


Black and White

Black and white

Massive hooters! Respect!

The most beautiful topless ebony babe

Baby boo

Never had a girlfriend with two different sized boobs but look at that sexy Ashanti! She tried to fix that little imperfection by piercing the nipple of the smaller tit ! I think it’s cool + look at that face !

My princess Kate

My Princess Kate

The topless photos of Kate Middleton are much ado about nothing. I don’t really enjoy the paparazzi stuff, personally don’t care about the life of others but I’d be definitely shocked if I see a self-shot in the mirror of Kate!

It’s Friday night and girls gone wild!

Friday night

There was a cool company holding the domain for the website Naughty America … they used to have these pictures of a crazy party girls showing their super fine boobs! There is only one thing in my head when I see a girl with a dress like the one above 🙂



In rainy days like today I wish could take a day off and just sit with a nena like this somewhere at home … do regular stuff tomamos un café, vemos una película o simplemente hablamos … I know you are thinking what Iám thinking!

Sex appeal

Sex appeal

I don’t really think a tiles are good choice for bedroom flooring but I know we all are ready to make a compromise with the interior, when the exterior is so … woo- hoo! See that sexy back … Lord I am ready!

World wonder

World wonder

What is obvious is obvious, the girl is hot and has nice set of boobs but what I was wondering this early morning is do we have to try to Understand everything or sometimes we only have to Accept what we see … I was forced by faith to see things that my brain faces difficulties to analyze … I felt weak in my abilities to process the date my eye nerves send to my main brain … so at certain point came to my mind that some things doesn’t have to be analyzed but accepted as pure facts and probably make the general conclusion that life is unfair and sometimes illogical. Dare to grab from behind!

Taliban Cricket Club

Hony ahoy

In 2000, the Taliban revised its restrictions on sport in Afghanistan and decided to allow men to participate in cricket. Timeri Murari, an Indian author and playwright, spun this historical detail into a bold and uplifting novel about sport and life in a corrupt world – “The Taliban Cricket Club”. Talibans virtually banned everything, including kite flying, chess, music, dancing, even clapping in the country. Just wonder if they’ll allow facebook soon…

Abe iphone selfshot

Abe iphone self-shot

Ok Guys excuse me for posting an iphone mirror photo without boobs on it but this is important ! Did you know that on May 22, 1849, Abraham Lincoln received Patent No. 6469 for a device to lift boats over shoals, an invention which was never manufactured? However, it did make him the only U.S. president to hold a patent.

Sweet pea

Sweet pea

Sometimes the Nature or God or whatever you like to call it creates such human beings that have the Spririt and so when you see them you feel like there is something special in that person … you know, the smile, the spark in the eyes … its just sweet pea !

Tokyo Drift Girl

Tokyo Drift

Never been to Asia but I have to admit that these girls definitely have their own charm and attractive look. Some of us doesn’t really like the big and pointy nipples but here we see a really nice combination between cute face, exotic appearance and … well nit bad titties at all … Asian girl is in my ToDo list for sure!



This girl hits a 10 on my scale! And literally has the key … I only have one question: Where have you been all my life? I’ve been wondering this for the last 30min. … like in Rihanna’s song…

Best Thing I Never Had

Best thing I never had

She’s got it all … it sucks to be us right now ! ;]

Sin tetas no hay paradiso

Sin tetas no hay paradiso

Cuando sobre mi estas moviendo tu cuerpo de mujer Y no tengo que explicar en palabras lindas que te quiero culear ;]

Mami linda

Mami linda

… Sentado en la playa con esta boquita, loca como el carmin, sigilosamente yo atino hacia el caba tu aroma yo sentí
entre tu nombre tu me dijiste bella essa es la realidad. Tus ojos reflejan un mar de belleza dificil de olvidar…

Me gusta mucho cómo se ve esta chica. Estar loco es la única manera de salvarse de este mundo aburrido.

Boston Cream Thigh

Boston Cream Thigh

Amazing but true – last week, Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream brought a trademark action in the Southern District of New York to put a stop to its naughty doppelganger, “Ben & Cherry’s XXX Ice Cream.” I bet that girl would handle the New York Super Fat and Chunky!

Mile High Club

Mile High Club

This is so cool ! Not only that she has that smoking hot body and cute face, but think about it, she went on the plane with the vibrator in her hand luggage, went in the lavatories, took her clothes off and stick that purple “toy of eden” inside! Only thing I can say is …wish it was my girlfriend!

Wonder if that counts for membership in the Mile high club …


Marsh mellows

Hey, hey, hey … when I was 3-4 years old kid I loved the marshmallows … I used to eat like a pack of it but please take a look at the picture ( I know you’ve been doing it for a while before you actually took a look at what I write) … doesn’t these wonderful pink nipples look like  a confection that, in its modern form, typically consists of sugar, corn syrup, water, gelatin that has been softened in hot water, dextrose, vanilla flavorings, and sometimes coloring, whipped to a spongy consistency? Yes, it does!

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