Cute face teen self shot

Mitt Romney boobs

This is the young woman that said “That’s not somebody who I’m thinking, ‘Oh, I want him as my president.'” after seeing  Mitt Romney’s video where he says that 47 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes and believe they are entitled to extensive government support. “My job is not to worry about those people,” Romney adds. Well if she put it that way …I agree with her!

Nerd Blondy

nerd blondy

Una mirada, no dice nada! But we all know that this is how the magic starts ! You don’t have to be Harry Potter to know that just a simple look is enough to say everything!

Skiny teen mirror

Skiny teen mirror

Well, sometimes 18 years old girls look really younger, which is fine but this definitely could make some of us way too cautious when interacting with females in the mall!

Outdoor cute face GF

Home Run

I was curious if the topless pictures of Kate Middleton (say her royal boobs or princess tits) were taken in Massachusetts if she would have had a legal claim under the Mass. law for violation of privacy. An what I actually found is that the answer is most likely positive. Thanks to the legislature passed in October 1973 – ch.214 par. 1B which says that if a person shall have a right against unreasonable, substantial or serious interference with his privacy, the superior court shall have jurisdiction in equity to enforce such right and in connection therewith to award damages.

So the Duchess of Cambridge would still have boob protection under the law in MA, USA.

Sugar Cotton

Sugar Cotton

This gentle creature is a symbol of the world’s unfair nature! My observation so far shows that really nice people, beautiful, goodhearted and fun are usually born in the poor neighborhoods. Not saying that there are no good creatures up town but … I thought of that amazing song of Paul Simon – Diamonds on the soles of her shoes …

Averrhoa bilimbi

Averrhoa birimbi

Big up if your bilimbi is growing in the look of this Caribbean star fruit!  Amorcito dame un besito!


Natural car airbag

Natural Airbag

Scientists say that man should think about positive things in bed before they fall asleep! If my co-worker has boobs like this I wouldn’t mind thinking about work in bed as well!

Are you that somebody?

Are you that somebody?

Toronto MC confirmed that Drake and producer 40 are at work on a full-lenght Aaliyah album with support from her family. The album is expected to be released this year. I am proud of Drake, 40, and others working hard to make sure this album honors Aaliyah’s memory and music. I think this is an AMAZING idea and I am so excited to see how the album turns out. Aaliyah was an incredible artist and it feels good knowing that there are people who are trying to bring her music back into the spotlight.


Man mind twister

The drifting man's mind

Men’s earnings haven’t grown since the 1970’s,  U.S.Census bureau report confirmed today. As Hanna Rosin explained in her article “The End of Men” and her book of the same name, the erosion of male-dominated industries has fed this long-term trend. Nearly half of the jobs created in the last 15 years have been in government, health care, and education, three industries that are too big and diverse to call “female-dominated” but nonetheless have historically employed higher shares of women. Man … boobs are taking over!

Mind blowing blond chick Jane


Man, shocking news that I got today! After five years of falling sales, the restaurant chain “Hooters” is trying to revamp its fortunes by easing up on its unreconstructed frat-boy image and appealing more to female customers, all without ditching the waitresses parading around in skimpy t-shirts and shorts. Sound like a tough sell to me!  It seems that the marketing strategies for man’s stuff is not going to be  profitable  anymore ! Feminists are taking over 🙁

Thrifty boobs

Thrifty boobs

Believe me or not, sometimes to have a small or mid sized boob girlfriend is better! You know the disadvantages of big boobs for her, back pain and stuff but … the big bra, just like the XXXL T’s are more expensive!

Set the scene

Set the scene

I have some suspicion that these two wonderful things are a product of the plastic surgery but could be just an illusion 🙂 natural or not, they look good and the girl deserves the due respect !

Andre 3000

Andre 3000

Award winner of the TV show Bad Girls of America ! Her mom was against her performance but we think she is adorable!


Lucky star

I blame you for my marijuana addiction!

The Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Skinny Vanessa from Mountain View

Bella Luna

She is wonderful – young, blond slim and slander, smiling innocent schoolgirl without any inhibitions! This is promising a lot of fun!

Milky Way

Milky Way

Our mission is to create community through boobs and tits, hooters & perkies; to be a gathering place where everyone feels comfortable and has fun; and to build a better Boston by supporting the work of local non-profit organizations.

Cenote Sagrado

cenote sagrado

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet… this girl is one of a kind friends! Desperately in love!

Toque de Sol

Toque de Sol

Algumas pessoas dizem que solário causa câncer de pele e talvez eles estão certos, mas pense nisso, o que você faria se você não ver o sol por um ano?

Sunshine with stunning curves

the secret life of Geisha

Have no idea what is your opinion about the pubic hair but ahm … even if you don’t like it … I’m pretty sure that nobody would reject these wonderful tits only because the pussy is hairy!

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