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Perfection is something that we all strive for. But can you actually get there? I have heard a lot of people tell me that imperfection is what makes the world perfect. But if that’s true than how come we all try so hard to get it?On other side nature makes some parts naturally perfect! We get them as gifts!

Blue eyed Simona

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We asked Simona about her opinion on solariums and here is what she said:

– Beauty is beyond skin color or physical appearances. Enjoy your skin rather than looking upon yourself in dissatisfaction. How many people in the world have skin problems? Cancer, burns, deformation…etc. So, if you don’t have such problems thank God. In my opinion, avoid visiting such stuff is safer. Because, it’s not a cure and you’ll just buy serious health problems by your own money. Exposing your skin to UV radiation produced by a solarium increases your risk of developing skin cancer, eye cancers and other skin and eye damage.

Victoria’s impressive breasts

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Get a no-show look—even under your tightest clothes—with this barely-there thong. Smooth and stretchy, with a no-show fit. From the Seamless Panty Collection, only at Victoria’s Secret PINK. An eye on the boobies is always free!

Ginger skinny teen in bathroom

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Shower regularly says Betty, bathe if you want, but remember you end up sitting in stagnant water of your own filth. You really don’t have to shower daily! there are plenty of people who shower every other day, or even once a week (whether they can afford it or not) and you would not know the difference. showering helps get rid of dead skin cells, sweat and dirt produced throughout the days. Use a gentle soap or bath gel. Washing your hair to often and with too much shampoo, can dry your hair out, as shampoo gets rid of your hair’s natural oils. It’s better if you shampoo hair only on the scalp.

Caribbean sexy chick

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Our friend from Trinidad send us a picture of his girlfriend and while talking about different suff he explained us about one of the reasons the girls there are so sexy and nice.

Food plays a central role in family life and traditions in the islands. Cooks spend days preparing menu offerings for holidays, festivals, and special family gatherings. The cuisine of the Caribbean is like a cultural patchwork quilt. Each “patch” or dish represents the plentiful bounty of the islands’ lush tropical vegetation, combined with the one or more diverse groups of people that have lived there, including the original Carib and Arawak Indians, followed by the Spanish, British, French, and Dutch settlers, as well as Africans, who have had a profound influence on the food and cultural traditions of the islands. Later followed Indian and Chinese settlers, and travelers from the United States says Martin V.

Student life of Cassie

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Being a student is fun, but it does have its down side. For most students it is the first time that they have left home and is therefore somewhat disconcerting. The realization that there is now no mechanism around to take dirty smelly clothes and magically transform them into clean ones is a horrible one. There is also the feeling that nobody at university particularly cares about you, or how you are doing. But not everybody cares about all that stuff ! Find the beauty of life and enjoy it!

Ohio teens are crazy!

Ohio teens are crazy

Melanie’s advice to slim fit body:

– Jogging helps, but try some other sports too! Jogging mostly strengthens the muscles in your legs, and if you’re untrained or don’t have comfortable jogging shoes, it can actually damage your legs. Try swimming, since your whole body is working when you swim! You can go to the pool every morning before school/work and swim 500 meters (or more if you’re fit enough to do it) or even take lessons (3 times a week is good).


Lovely Cyndy got problem

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Cyndy wrote us this question and we have no answer, so we decided to post it here in case anybody can answer:

“Ive always had a regular period, getting them every 28 to 30 days. I’m guessing what happened at the end of January was my first period, lasted about 4 days and started the 31st. Then sure enough on Feb 28th i got my 2nd period. I know Feb has less days so I decided I would at least get it by march 31st and it would be about 30 days. BUT here we are April 4th and still nothing. I took a pregnancy test on the 2nd…its the one that will give you results 5 days before your missed period and it was negative so I’m hoping stress and fatigue are a cause of it running late. There is one day that could cause me to be pregnant since it happened around the time i would start ovulating and I’m not on any birth control because its just not for me to mess with my cycles.”

Skinny teen self shot

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This is the next sexy teen that has turned her body in to a canvas for some nice art. Tattoos are awesome!

Brooklyn amateur nude wonder

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I guess she is not so far away, might be even your neighbor … we pass those people that show their boobs on the internet without even noticing them. Look around today …

Juicy Couture naked beauty

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Get an insider’s look into our showroom with a sneak peek of our Spring 2013 collection! For even more Juicy pics, check our blog daily!

Fall is here!

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Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons! Colors and all … nipple are on boyz!

Customized huge boobies

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We wanna encourage you guys to start uploading your own pictures! This will be the next step to building a nicer place for all of us!

Junction City ghetto superstar

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Damn, this girl is so huggable! She is like wow! Fever!

Dope nude girl from El Cajon

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That girl wanna give it up, watch her ! There is something about the nerd girls! Especially in the more often situations when good girls go bad! Look at that tattoo … look at her swagger … fantastic … see it poppin’ !

Perky tits Superball girl

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Get down girl go ahead, get down! Perky tits are nice, tongue out is even better ! Move from being friends to … feeling life, all to the little change …

Unpredictable Sacramento teenie

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You know Jamie Foxx’s song …

Girls, girls, girls I do adore!

Girls, girls, girls

Ok Ballers, we offer boobs from all sizes, colors and shapes! Come join the team! New pictures daily updated !

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Bouncing Florida boobs

Bouncing Florida boobs

Perpetuum mobile- the never ending motion! hahah I could stare at this for hours! You should have known!

Greatest love of all

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Something new, something exotic and extra sweet! Wish we could all enjoy the fruits of love but … life is not always what we want it to be !

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