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Follow the busty leader

Follow the busty leader

According to our friend Joey the perfect girl has:

1. Brown eyes
2. Long, wavy hair
3. The ability to sing
4. A great smile
5. Big boobs
6. Not being obnoxious
7. Sexy, but not slutty, attire

I think we found her! Amanda!

Tampa beach girls

Cape Cod beach girls

The folks at boobslovin.com decided this year for their annual bar issue that they would make the ultimate sacrifice: Find and research the Top 100 bars in Tampa Bay, then name names and declare a top spot. We know some readers will disagree with this list, while others will think it’s even insane to try. In other words, we expect you to hate it. But we also expect you’ll find some new places to explore and come away with an appreciation for the diversity of our libation destinations. What we are sure about is that you’ll love the photos we’ll find there!

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crazy teen boobs

Oh I love those suckable nipples. Make my mouth watery! This body is a 10!

I ♥ England

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Did you guys hear that the expected influx of two million visitors for the Olympics has led Prime Minister David Cameron to predict a £13 billion ($20.2 billion, 16.3 billion euro) boost for the economy over the next four years. But the sex trade looks likely to miss out on any benefits, campaigners say. Prostitution is legal in Britain, but keeping a brothel is outlawed, as are other related activities such as curb-crawling. London’s Metropolitan Police have denied that the brothel raids were connected to the Olympics, saying they were “in response to community concerns”.

“Any police activity regarding prostitution has been undertaken as part of normal policing responsibilities,” a police spokeswoman told AFP. But London’s mayor Boris Johnson openly supports a crackdown on the sex trade ahead of the Olympics.

Chinese beautiful tits

Chinese beautiful tits

It seems that the women of Asia are getting more beautiful and more willing to do the wildest things. I really like those nipples!

Marcella from Bello Horizonte

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Belo Horizonte, the first modern Brazilian city to spring from an architect’s drawing board, was especially designed for its role as the capital of the state of Minas Gerais. Its wide, landscaped avenues and carefully planned residential suburbs have, however, suffered the impact of the country’s high rate of urbanization. Belo Horizonte is the distribution and processing center of a rich agricultural and mining region and the nucleus of a burgeoning industrial complex. Its chief manufactures are steel, steel products, automobiles, and textiles. Gold, manganese, and gem stones of the surrounding region are processed in the city. Belo Horizonte is also a leading cultural center, with three universities, a historical museum, numerous libraries, and sports stadiums. Because of its altitude (850m) the climate is refreshing and cool.

As we see the girls there are young and wild !

sexy blonde amateur

sexy blond amateur

We received a letter from Marsha Kinsky describing her problem and decided to share it with you along with a photo of her daughter.

Dear Boobslovin.com editor,

My daughter is 18 and has never had a boyfriend although she has “got with” (kissed) lots of boys at parties. She is tall, slim and pretty. Her height made her self-conscious when she was younger but she stopped growing at 5ft 10in. I think she could be a model so it is not a lack of attractiveness that is her problem.

I would, however, describe her best friend as toxic. She is less pretty and — I am sure — motivated by jealousy. Whenever my daughter expresses an interest in a boy, Miss Toxic targets him for herself and, being loud and pushy, usually gets him. Alternatively, she speaks to said boy and then reports back negatively to my daughter. Recently she told her that a boy she liked had said she was “creepy”. This weekend she spoke to a boy who my daughter had kissed at a couple of parties and was really hoping might turn into the holy grail of an actual boyfriend.What should I do!?

Little nude madness

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Die Smartphonelozierung geht auf der ganzen Erde, im Falle, dass das Handy bei einem Lozierungsservice angemeldet wurde. Neben einer Netkonnexion braucht man lediglich noch einen PC, Laptop oder ein Handy.

Iphone mirror terror

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Vanity is defined as emotions of exuberant pride. This word is most often associated with women who love to look at themselves in the mirror whenever they chance upon one. Nowadays, it is passé to associate vanity with women since there are increasing numbers of men who are becoming vainer than the ladies. Little girls are catching up with the trend as well, as they become more aware of the importance of looks at such a young age.

Part of the ritual of women is to sit in front of a mirror in her room. This mirror has matching dresser and stool in a very elegant finish. This is called a vanity set which consists of basically the three mentioned furniture with the addition of sinks, base cabinets and other accessories. Adult females are not the only ones who have vanity sets but little girls too have their share of pink colored vanity counter tops. The only difference between the adult set and little girl’s set is that the latter is smaller in size. Of course, it would have to cater to the needs and size of the small girl so it has to match her height. Since young girls love to play dress-up, a little girls’ vanity set would make their day.

Elephant on trampoline

elephant on trampoline

Got it ?

Busty amateur mirror photo

busty amateur mirror

If acting like you always did was the key to astounding success with women, there would be orgies in the street, even the lowest of dungeon nerds and weirdest of dweebs would be bagging super-models. Like most things, this is not an issue with the answer, but an issue of definition, because it would be retarded to assume that being authentic means acting the same as you always have.

According to my wikipedia sense: Authenticity is the degree to which one is true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, despite these pressures” If you go onto read more about it, or god forbid actually research into this idea, you’ll find that authenticity in of itself is a weird philosophical conundrum being defended most times as the negative space around inauthenticity.

Nerd girl self shot

nerd girl self shot

Melanie  enjoys learning and obtaining new information in general for her own sake, often without discrimination to different areas of knowledge. The key to recognizing a nerd on other side is  to see if they are completely indifferent to the application of what they learn; they are not inherently inclined to use or not to use the information.
Someone who is a nerd could also be a geek, who is passionate about highly specific interests, or a dork, who is a social outcast, but they do not have to be.

Either one could take a nude self shot.

Honey bunn amateur bathroom pic

tumblr amateur picture bathroom

All the sweetness of life on one picture. Honey begins as a tiny droplet of nectar (having only a very small sugar content) in a single flower. The offering of this sweet treat is nature’s way of tricking the bee into visiting the flower  as it carries the pollen grains of previously visited flowers, thus pollinating the flower. A honey bee may visit as many as 1500 flowers before her honey sac (completely separate from her digestive stomach) is full. ‘Know wha’m sayin”!

Nude iphone fan selfshot

Iphone fan selfshot nude

In Brisbane, the Apple hysteria started with people lining Queen Street Mall, and in the northern suburbs, hundreds snaked their way through Westfield Chermside for the release of the latest iPhone. We see Lucy, a huge Apple fan that still uses the shaky camera of Iphone 3G!

Being crazy in the closet

changing room selfshot girl
A commodity generally refers to an agricultural product that is bought and sold such as corn, coffee, wheat, etc. Energy commodities include gas, electricity, oil, etc. In economic terms commodities are products that have a demand but there is no difference in who produces it. Therefore, typically consumers will search for the lowest price of that item. Which means that this young lady’s closet is full of rubbish or what ?

Amateur teen selfshot blogging

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When a girl has a mad crush on a boy, evidence can inevitably be found on her notebook – her first name written with his last name or a hyphen joining her last name to his.

Eventually, however, it goes beyond the notebook. Boy-crazy girls might get up the confidence to send him instant messages and e-mails, and they might go so far as to record love songs and leave them on a boy’s answering machine.

Some girls could even send a boy mms with a picture like the posted above! Ain’t it funny?

Small tits Cali girl

small tits teen

To be fair, no one has ever pretended that parenting a teenager was going to be easy. Still, until your own kids reach that stage, it’s tempting to believe your family will be immune to teen behavior problems. No, you tell yourself, your teenager will never talk back, stay out too late or pierce her eyebrow or upload mirror boobs self shot pictures.

Nerd amateur boobies invasion

Nerd invasion

Saudi girl from Dubai

Arab amateur girl

Talking about Dubai with Samira and she explains: It is great for women. Dubai is one of the most free Arab countries (we see that). You will love it there. The shopping is amazing. There are many expats and tourists so you will find many friends. The people are very friendly. It is a wonderful country to live in with a lot to do & see.

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